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A Seven-State Project
Exploring the History and Meaning
of the Colorado River.

From December 2001 through July 2002, the seven states that share the waters of the Colorado (Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming) collaborated on a project to generate regional consciousness of the river.

Moving Waters took place 22 communities, some along the river, some far from the river, but all dependent on the river.

Major project components included:

  On the Move: a Traveling Exhibit

  In the Air: a Six-Part
Radio Documentary

  Water Wars: an Introduction to the Law of the River

  Reading the River: Book Discussion Programs

  The River WE Know: community self-portraits


View the Moving Waters Poster

Moving Waters Installation in Denver, Colorado
February 2002

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This site provides information about the exhibits, calendar of events, resources, and references that occurred during the Moving Waters project.

Press Kit Information

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View Exhibition Panels

Visit the On-Line Panels

Visit the "The River WE Know" web site created by the Pinedale Middle School Technology Class

Moving Waters: The Greene Family Papers: Pioneers of the Colorado River

Looked at the development of recreation and tourism on the Colorado River, and their contributions to the tourism and economy of Northern Arizona.

Exhibited January 15 through July 26, 2002 at the Arizona Collection, 4th floor of Hayden Library at Arizona State University - 480-965-3145.


Local Activities and Events

Bill Swan presents Water Wars: An Introduction to the Law of the River
at Needles Branch Library, February 2002

Panel discussion at San Diego Library

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